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Creating a new way of improving the key competencies of adults


About the Project

The overarching priority in our project revolves around “Creating upskilling pathways, improving accessibility, and increasing the take-up of adult education.” An integral objective is to enhance the prospects of participants by cultivating personal, social, and learning-to-learn competencies. Our aim is to underscore the significance of lifelong learning among adults, fostering not only employability but also social and civic development. When learners are motivated, equipped with tools, and have easily accessible resources to navigate their learning journey, they can stay at the forefront of the latest information while having the autonomy to choose their preferred learning approach. This empowerment is a formidable motivator, as robust learning platforms enable the hosting of diverse learning content, facilitate easy information updates, and empower learners to efficiently manage their educational pursuits. Our ultimate goal is to promote employability and social skills by creating new opportunities for individuals with lower skill levels. Thus, our chosen topic is the ideal focal point for enhancing personal, social, and learning-to-learn skills.

What we can do for all OF YOU

Increase Cultural Awareness

Our endeavor also includes the promotion of Cultural Awareness in individuals, emphasizing civic engagement and social inclusion. The goal is to enhance adults' digital skills while fostering the internalization of self-learning coupled with interpersonal skills. To achieve this, we are committed to creating comprehensive course content that will be utilized in adult education within the framework of the project. These courses aim not only to impart technical digital skills but also to instill a broader understanding of diverse cultures, encouraging active civic involvement and ensuring social inclusivity. By combining these elements, we aspire to empower individuals with a well-rounded set of skills that go beyond the digital realm, contributing to their personal growth and fostering a more inclusive and culturally aware society.

Develop IT-Based Skills

A particular focus of our project lies in the development of IT-based skills tailored for migrants, refugees, and individuals working with this demographic. Additionally, we aim to enhance people's abilities that contribute to bolstering their self-confidence, including public speaking and presentation skills. These skills are pivotal in empowering individuals to establish their own businesses and secure suitable employment opportunities aligned with their capabilities and age. By providing targeted support in both technical and soft skills, we aspire to pave the way for increased self-reliance and socio-economic integration for those navigating the challenges of migration and refugee status.

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A second crucial priority in this project centers around “common values, civic engagement, and participation.” As individuals cultivate skills tied to personal, social, and learning-to-learn competence, they gain valuable tools to effectively leverage their values. Lifelong learners and those with high levels of social competence are poised for enhanced participation in society, contributing significantly to the civic development of their social milieu. By instilling a sense of responsibility and active engagement, our project seeks to empower individuals to not only embrace common values but also actively contribute to the betterment of their communities. In essence, our focus on personal, social, and learning-to-learn skills serves as a catalyst for fostering a more engaged and participatory society, where individuals play an active role in shaping a collective future.

New Opportunities

Our commitment to fostering employability and social skills extends to the provision of new opportunities for individuals with a low level of skills. Through our efforts, we aim to elevate personal, social, and learning-to-learn skills. Special emphasis will be placed on instilling common values, civic engagement, and participation. The rationale is clear: as individuals develop proficiency in personal, social, and learning-to-learn competence, they gain the tools to align their values effectively. Those who exhibit a commitment to lifelong learning and possess a high level of social competence are better equipped for enhanced participation in society. This, in turn, contributes to the civic development of their social environment, creating a positive cycle of empowerment and community betterment.

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Empowerment of Adult Learners

Our commitment extends to facilitating the empowerment of adult learners, particularly those who are most vulnerable or at risk of social and professional exclusion. To achieve this, we will focus on developing critical thinking, reflexivity, self-assessment abilities, and other essential skills necessary for entrepreneurial competence among low-skilled or low-qualified adults. Our initiative aims to foster the development of personal, social, and learning-to-learn skills within the realm of adult education. Additionally, we seek to promote a sense of belonging for adult learners facing high risks of exclusion, such as the unemployed. Creating opportunities for project participants to engage in an inclusive learning environment will be instrumental in building a supportive community and providing valuable experiences for those in precarious situations.

Creating upskilling pathways, improving accessibility and increasing take-up of adult education

Our talented team

There are 6 partners from 5 countries in this project. Meet them and learn about their work. Here you can see us all upon our first transnational project meeting in Messina on Sicily


Baerbel & Thomas

Project Coordinators, Germany


Marianna & Aldo

Project Manager Italy


Anna & Thomasz

Project Manager Poland



Project Manager Netherlands

Turkey Eisa


Project Manager Türkiye (EISA)

Turky University


Project Manager Türkiye (IÜC)

Increase cultural awareness in individuals, namely civic engagement and social inclusion

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