Desk Research

Our first task is a clear description of the target groups for the purpose of this project; their immediate needs with regard to learning and skills in order to increase their opportunities for assimilation within their local community and for employment; an overall strategy and process to address the learning needed, including tools for paradigm change, basic DACUM framework for creating courses, and a list of essential courses to target the needs identified in.

Each country will make a desk research about the current situation in their countries about the immigrant adults.

The topic they will make the research about:

    • General overview of immigrants in their countries (with statistics)
    • What is the society’s view of adult immigrants?
    • What are the procedures that countries apply when accepting refugees? (Official reports)
    • What are the immediate needs regarding the skills that they need to have to find proper jobs?
    • Applications made by governments to enable adult immigrants to have jobs.
    • What kind of courses that they attend in each country to gain skills for employability? 

Use the below links to learn about the results in the home countries of the partners in this project.

Read the General Report on the results of all partners