Desk Research for Target Groups

Our initial task involves conducting a desk research on the target groups for the project, aiming to discern their immediate needs in terms of learning and skills. The objective is to enhance their assimilation within the local community and improve employment prospects. This comprehensive analysis will encompass an overarching strategy and process for addressing the identified learning needs. It will include tools for paradigm change, a basic DACUM framework for course creation, and a list of essential courses designed to target specific needs.

Each partner country will undertake desk research to provide a detailed overview of the current situation concerning immigrant adults within their respective nations. The research will delve into:

1. A general overview of immigrants, including statistical data.
2. Society’s perspective on adult immigrants.
3. Procedures employed by countries when accepting refugees, drawing on official reports.
4. Immediate skills required for immigrants to secure suitable employment.
5. Government initiatives and applications aimed at facilitating job opportunities for adult immigrants.
6. An examination of the courses available in each country to empower immigrants with skills for employability.

This comprehensive approach will lay the foundation for developing tailored strategies and courses that effectively address the unique challenges and aspirations of adult immigrants across diverse cultural contexts.

desk research of the target groups

For the summary of our Desk Research please read the General Report